ASRS Retirement Preparation

Retirement Planning

We know that selecting a financial team can be a difficult decision to make, and we are privileged to have you considering the use of our services.

When it comes to retirement planning there is not a one-size-fits-all plan, especially for public service employees. Each plan is tailored to specific household needs.

A personalized plan combines your unique assets, expenses and goals to help your financial professional determine whether you are on track for retirement. The plan also serves as a guide to help decide if changes need to be made.

Financial strategies do not just help when planning for retirement, they also assist in decision making for everyday life. Through your personalized plan you can determine whether you can afford your dream car, a new house, a career change and so much more. This plan can also help you determine whether a budget is needed and how to create one.

Plans can be whatever you want or need them to be.

Phocus Financial takes pride in tailoring custom plans for each of our clients.

We can provide:

  • Group Educational Seminars

Please contact one of our financial professionals to schedule a group meeting.

  • Individual Educational Meetings

Please contact one of our financial professionals to schedule a one on one meeting. We can accommodate you in person at your home or at one of our various office locations or virtually using technological tools such as JoinMe or Microsoft Teams.