Participant Engagement and Education

Participant Engagement and Education

A well-informed participant is an empowered one. It’s important for employees to understand how their 401(k) works and how to make the most of it. Phocus Retirement Services has several offerings to engage and educate your plan participants.

Participant Education and Enrollment Meetings

We offer on-site or virtual enrollment meetings, education meetings, and combination enrollment and education to:

  • Help employees understand the benefits of having a 401(k)
  • Make the enrollment process easy and answer any questions
  • Educate employees on plan features including eligibility, vesting, employer contributions, hardship withdrawals, plan loans, etc.
  • Provide market updates, investment strategies, and timely educational topics

PHOCUS on Retirement – 1:1 Participant Meetings

We understand that planning for retirement can be overwhelming. Our Phocus Retirement Services education team is available to meet individually with plan participants in a 20-30 minute, virtual or in-person, 1:1 meeting to:

  • Assess risk tolerance level
  • Review current 401(k) Plan allocation
  • Review investment options
  • NEW – Retirement income forecasting and modeling: We review generated retirement forecasting and modeling reports to help participants create an action plan for their retirement goals.

Engaging Plan Participants

Phocus Retirement Services provides ongoing, engaging, educational content that keeps your employees’ financial well-being front and center:

  • Monthly Market Updates: 1-2 minute video recap of last month’s market performance and economic activity
  • Invitations to Webinar Series: Participants learn about relevant topics from topic experts
  • Participant Memos: Filled with financial wisdom for participants’ journey towards retirement