Olivia Nunley

Client Services

Olivia is a proud Arizona native! She shares her life with her loving husband, Phillip, and is the dedicated mother of five wonderful adult children, including four daughters and one son. Her family has grown with the addition of four precious grandchildren, consisting of three granddaughters and a grandson.

For over 30 years, Olivia dedicated herself to the role of a homemaker. Recently rejoining the workforce, Olivia has found immense joy in her new professional journey and embraces every moment with enthusiasm.

Beyond her work, Olivia’s heart belongs to her family, including her three cherished dogs—Isabella, Penelope, and Bobbie. She finds purpose in the precious moments spent with her loved ones and friends, cherishing the bonds that tie them together.

Olivia is driven by her passion for spreading love and encouragement to everyone she meets. She believes in embracing life to the fullest, cherishing every moment, and finding joy in spontaneity. Her positive energy and genuine warmth inspire those around her, making her a beacon of light in both her personal and professional endeavors.