Profit Sharing Plans

Participant Engagement and Education

To achieve a financially secure retirement, your participants need to take action. They need to enroll in the plan, decide how much to save and understand how to choose appropriate investment options. To help with this daunting challenge

Phocus Retirement Services will:

  1. Design and implement an effective participant education program;
  1. Educate eligible employees on all aspects of the plan’s features, including eligibility, vesting, employer contributions, hardship withdrawals, plan loans, etc;
  1. Conduct onsite and remote webinar enrollment and education meetings;
    1. Implement strategies by meeting with employees as a group or individually;
    2. Provide guidance to help employees decide:
      1. How much they wish to contribute in order to help meet time horizon goals;
      2. Guide them to tools and resources to assist in their retirement readiness
  1. Evaluate automated plan design strategies to help increase participation and salary deferral rates.
  1. Conduct onsite and remote webinar general education / lunch & learn meetings for all interested employees and participants. We will cover various topics such as retirement planning, the markets, investing strategies, etc.

Phocus Retirement Services